Santa Rosa Embalagens started its operations on February 8, 1958, at Rua Santa Rosa, nº 254, in the Luz district in São Paulo. Its founder, Feres Baladi, a Brazilian-naturalized Lebanese, was aged 38 and this was his first experience as an entrepreneur.

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In its first years, the company traded packaging paper and bags for street marketers, marketplaces and bakeries. In 1968, aiming at serving other market segments, Santa Rosa changed its address (Rua Cantareira) and came to produce, by using a flexographic printer and other equipment, printed papers, laminates and paraffinned products to wrap toffees and pasta, besides decorated papers for shops and chain stores.

In the 70’s, the food industry came to require better printing quality for its packagings. Santa Rosa faced such challenge with much daring and creativity: the company built its first 6-color printer in the rotogravure system on its own. By using new materials such as cellophane, paper, aluminum sheets and polyethylene, some of the most popular packagings of the time were produced such as the ones for Dulcora drops, Juquinha candies, Prestígio chocolate, Mirabel waffers, ground peanut Amor and Zorro lollipop.

In 1975, Santa Rosa was already lodged in a broader location, in the Tatuapé district. The company counted on 4 machines and built a “Coating” extruder to produce more differentiated packagings such as the one for Pilão Coffee from the Cooperativa União de Refinadores (Union Refineries Cooperative), which made use of cellophane and polyethylene film in its structure. Yet in 1978, aiming at enlarging its plant, the company moved to Rua Irineu José Bordon (on Vila Jaguara district), where it remains up to this day.

A pioneer in packagings metal plating by the beginning of the 80’s, Santa Rosa acquired a metal plating machine and started a revolution for coffee packagings, improving quality and increasing products shelf life. In the 90’s, a bold plan for the modernization and enlargement of production capacities caused company to invest in new technologies such as electromechanical cylinder engraving and the acquisition of a last-generation printer possessing an electrically-controlled shaft. With the same pioneering spirit, Santa Rosa was one of the first companies to adopt the professionalization of its board of directors. Today, Santa Rosa Packagings is among the largest flexible laminated packagings manufacturing companies in Brazil, and possesses manufacturing facilities equaling the most advanced ones in the world.

The investments in technology and training of its collaborators result in gradual improvements in productivity, allowing company to provide its clients with more competitive prices.


To keep an organizational structure at clear and straightforward rules, innovating and upgrading industrial, commercial and management processes, aiming to attain continuous improvement on its products and services, as well as efficiency in its Quality Management System by reducing costs, observing market and environmental rules, and also aiming to assure the satisfaction of its clients, collaborators, suppliers and shareholders.


Santa Rosa Rosa stands out among the most modern companies in the world because it continually invests in technological updating. Our manufacturing facilities possess last-generation equipment that guarantee high printing quality, greater productivity and delivery within the shortest deadlines.

Quality policies are priority here. Procedures and training which increase the quality of our products are constantly applied. At Santa Rosa, workers know our Good Manufacturing Practices Manual and follow all of its rules straight.

Our commitment is not just toward clients. Concerned with the preservation of the environment, Santa Rosa possesses an effluent treatment system. Furthermore, it executed a CFC-gas replacement program two years ago.

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Para que os biscoitos se conservem frescos e crocantes, a Santa Rosa produz três tipos de embalagens preparadas para atender a alta velocidade de empacotamento e performance. A monocamada, a laminada e a trilaminada garantem proteção ao produto contra a rancidez e a absorção de umidade do meio ambiente, preservando o aroma, o sabor, e atendendo também as diferenças climáticas regionais do país.
Ice cream

For the ice cream market, Santa Rosa manufactures laminated or monolayer packagings, with printing characteristics enduring low temperatures, abrasion and moisture.

A Santa Rosa desenvolve e produz embalagens flexíveis laminadas impressas em até 9 cores que associam diferentes matérias primas, sempre respeitando as exigências de proteção, de visual e de custo adequado, com mínimo impacto ambiental para cada produto.

Santa Rosa produces cold-sealed monolayer or laminated packagings for temperature-sensitive products, and hot-sealed products depending on necessity, with barrier conditions so that such products keep their aroma, color and texture characteristics unchanged, also allowing excellent performance with respect to packaging equipment.


For powder, grain or soluble coffee, Santa Rosa manufactures packagings which maintain product’s aroma and taste intact, catering to the specific needs of each coffee type. In Cushion, Flat Bottom, Doy Pack, Valve or Vacuum Bag formats, packagings create barriers against the inlet of gases, moisture and brightness, presenting optimum weldability and mechanical protection.

Baking Products

For fresh and powder yeast, Santa Rosa manufactures various packaging types: Fresh yeast: trilaminated and quadrilaminated aluminum and sealing layer vacuum packagings guarantee perfect sealing and high resistance against perforations. Powder yeast: laminated packaging containing barriers against moisture and brightness which increase products shelf life.

Dairy Products

Our laminated or trilaminated packagings create barriers against the inlet of gases, moisture and brightness, allowing dairies to have their characteristics preserved, avoiding oxidation, changes in taste, color and texture, also guaranteeing longer product preservation time.


Santa Rosa develops and produces laminated flexible packagings printed in up to 9 colors associating various raw materials, always respecting protection, visual and fair cost requirements, at minimum environmental impacts for each product.

Soft Drinks
Trilaminadas ou laminadas metalizadas, as embalagens Santa Rosa criam uma barreira contra umidade, luminosidade e gases que evitam que o produto sólido (altamente higroscópico) ou líquido sofra alterações em sua consistência, aroma, cor e sabor, preservando inalterada a qualidade do produto.

Made up of laminated or trilaminated structures, with raw materials according to each seasoning’s requirements, our packagings are highly resistant to chemically aggressive products, guaranteeing their hermetic character and mechanical resistance, preserving products quality.

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